Thursday, October 29, 2009

family is always there – part II

Now on to the active part of the trip and the Vegas no one really thinks about!!  It only costs $5 to get into the Red Rock conservation area and there are tons of hikes and beautiful views at your disposal.  There are also many rock climbing opportunities, along with camping, horse back riding, cycling, mountain biking, IMG_5200and picnicking just to name a few. 

As a kid we used to always come up here and hike for hours with our doggie.  We just did a short hike and drove the loop around to take some pictures. 

The day was absolutely beautiful . . .



Did you know this was in Las Vegas?  When many think of Vegas they think of the Strip along with the crazy nightlife, club hopping, gambling and drunkenness, but this is what I think of.  It’s funny, one time someone asked if I lived in a casino!   

After visiting Red Rock we made our way to the Fashion Show Mall to do some window shopping.  I found a few good sales and I couldn’t resist a couple shirts for work.

I hadn’t been to the Hoover Dam for at least 10 years I would say and I was amazed at the new bridge they are building.  I was also amazed at how low the water level is now.  I am so afraid of heights like that and just couldn’t imagine working way up there!  

IMG_5259 IMG_5255

I could hardly make it to the edge of the wall and my tummy was getting that weird height sensation.

How are there not higher walls or something to prevent people from toppling over?!

So scary!  But wow, what an amazing feat of mankind, how does someone build such a thing?




Here is a great view of Lake Mead . . .


Another great part of the visit was getting to take walks with my mom.  Most nights after dinner my mom and I would always take a walk around the neighborhood or nearby park and just chat about the day and such.  I always enjoyed that and miss having a walking buddy. 

There is a great path by our house that’s fun to walk and cycle on.  There are always tons of people utilizing it which is nice to see.  We got some great sunset shots on her last night here . . .


I sure had a good time with my mom and I’m looking forward to the holidays when Chris and I both get to visit her :)


On another note, I can hardly believe it’s already going to be Halloween!  I don’t have a costume and still have to get some goodies for the kiddies.  I’m not much of a candy person, but every now and again I love Reese’s and Good & Plenty!  Not really sure if we are going to do anything, but I really need to work on school and get a good bike ride in.

My favorite new product I found at TJ’s is the Lite Kettle Corn mini bags.  I’m trying not to eat the whole package!  I really like this variety because it’s only slightly salty and sweet, not overpowering like their regular kettle corn.  It’s only 110 kcals per bag too and provides lots of munching, yum!


My friend Kristen, and fellow dietitian, also started her own blog called The Swanky Dietitian.  She’s just getting started and I encourage if you have a little time to stop by and welcome her to this great blogging community!  I just really think the world of you guys, and it’s so wonderful to connect with all of you personally.  I appreciate your kindness, insight and inspiration.

Any plans for Halloween?  What’s your favorite candy?  

WARNING:  My twitter account got hacked into today and you may have received a weird message supposedly from me.  Please DO NOT click the link!  Make sure you secure your passwords.  I feel terrible about this and I’m so sorry if you received one :(



Chow and Chatter said...

oh wow beautiful snaps have been to these places and your right Las Vegas is close to gorgeous places i got a message from your twitter but deleted it no worries will check out your buddies blog

MelissaNibbles said...

Your pictures are amazing! Beautiful views. You proved there are much better things to do in Vegas than drink and gamble. So glad you had such a great time!! Headed over to your friends blog now :)

The Candid RD said...

My Twitter got hacked once too, it was so weird and annoying!

Your pictures are amazing. I have never been to the Hoover Dam or really anywhere really neat out west. The pictures are just so neat.

I love TJs popcorn, but have never tried the kettle corn! I just love how big their 130 calories lite bags pop so large. It's so much food for so few calories, and lots of fiber!

Emily said...

The Red Rock area looks amazing. I'd love to take a hike there! I'd definitely choose that side of Vegas over the other side (uggghhh).

I love Reese's PB cups, too!

Astra Libris said...

Your photos are SO gorgeous! I'm in awe! Such dramatic landscapes!

Your visit with your mom sounds so incredible - it's so touching, reading your beautiful words about her special visit. I'm so happy for you!

Happy Almost Halloween! :-) Zach and I both love Reese's PB cups too... :-)

*Naomi* said...

totally feel for you with the twitter hacking! my facebook was hacked into the other week and a guy was telling pepopel I was being held to ggunpoint and needed money wired to him! ahh it was terrible! I hope you got it all figured otu!


Shannon said...

What a beautiful part of the country! I've never been, but I would love to go. I've heard so many wonderful things about Red Rocks.

MelindaRD said...

Hehe, I know all about Red Rock Canyon, and all of the hiking at Mt. Charleston too. Oh yeah. And I can't believe how few people actually know about this right in the entertainment capital of the world. I am glad you had a lot of fun with your family.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I can comment now that I have my blog. I'm sure I could have figured it out before. haha. Thanks for mentioning me! I think I am going to go out tonight to this new club called Wax at the Venetian with Emily and her friends. Let me know if you want to join! Love the pics!

Lele said...

Gorgeous pictures! Honestly, if I went to Vegas I'd be trying to get off the strip to the natural stuff!

Angie said...

Beautiful photos!

I've had the chance to visit Vegas twice, and most recently, we went hiking at Red was one of the most beautiful places...I loved it.

Thanks for the link to your friend's blog. I'll definitely check it out!

Sophia said...

That is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I wish I could be there, too, enjoying the scenery and exercise!