Monday, October 5, 2009

lackadaisical weekend

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!  I just wanted to give a quick recap.  Overall my weekend was very unproductive, but there were some good eats!  This month I am working a little less hours, so I’m hoping my lackadaisical tendencies won’t be too detrimental.  I think this unfortunate lack of motivation always comes to me at the start of that certain time (wink, wink).  I don’t know what it is but I feel sooo tired, cranky and blah.  Needless to say, I was a bum.

Friday night we went to a high school dance show to see our friend’s daughter, and it brought back a lot of memories and made me want to dance again!!  Boy I miss it terribly sometimes.

Saturday morning I woke up pretty early and had a great urge to bake!  This was the extent of my motivation this weekend.  I saw Veggie Girl had made a banana butternut pecan bread recently and I thought that would be awesome because I had been craving quick breads, and had 3 large bananas getting browner and uglier by the minute on my counter.


Instead of butternut, I had a sugar pumpkin from the farmer’s market begging to be roasted up in the oven.  I also added about 1/3 cup chopped dates into the mix because I’ve been addicted to dates lately.  It turned out really good!  The only thing is I don’t think I baked it quite long enough at 55 minutes, and it probably needed a good 10 minutes longer.  I always seem to do this.  For some reason I get scared that I’m going to dry it out or something.  I would also reduce the nuts down to 1/2 cup, it was nutty!  It sure tasted yummy and Chris really enjoyed it.  I put 1/2 in the freezer, and the other 1/2, well, it’s already gone!  Chris REALLY liked it!   


So then of course I had to break out my favorite quick bread topping, also known as heaven on earth . . . TJ’s Pumpkin Butter!


Just a little closer . . . ahhh yumminess 


That was pretty much the extent of my Saturday during the day.  I did a little bit of wash and forgot about it in the washer, dorked around on the computer, and also tried very hard to concentrate on reading for school while doing this.  Not so good, but I was feeling blah.  Chris and I also did a few errands and ordered the thresholds to finally finish our floor, yay! 

Saturday night we took Chris’ mom and step dad out for dinner at Maggiano’s since they are always so kind to take us out.  Have you ever been here?!  Oh my gosh the food is amazing, the portions are gigantic (good for leftovers), and the ambiance is nice too.  The service was a little slow, but I’ve always had pretty good service otherwise, plus they were busy!

IMG_4927 I didn’t want to drink too much, but Chris’ mom had ordered a glass of wine and I can’t really turn it down.  I just really enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. 

Funny, I used to hate the stuff when I first tried it.  I had the Ruffino Chianti which is always a safe choice.

We sat by the window so it was pretty good lighting while it lasted.  Here is our view from the table . . .  Hello downtown Vegas!


We also decided to get the set dinner menu where you can choose 2 appetizers, 2 salads, 2 pastas, 2 entrees and 2 desserts!  Yikes, it was a lot of food.

We started out with the spinach salad, stuffed mushrooms and garlic bread.  Here is my plate . . .


Next came the pastas and entrees.  We got the beef braciole, which is one of my favorites there.  It is basically flank steak stuffed with veggies and meats and is very tender like meatloaf.  For pasta we ordered the spinach manicotti with red sauce instead of alfredo.  They ordered the roast chicken, along with fettuccine alfredo.  Their portions are just crazy.  Even the half portions are shareable.



Here is my plate . . . I ate 1/2 of everything, I was so full plus we still had dessert coming and


nothing would prepare me for this . . .



When the waiter came out he had mistakenly ordered the cheesecake instead of the chocolate cake, so he said he would go bring us the chocolate cake too!!!  Oh my gosh, no stop it already please!  I was in dessert heaven and yes I did eat too much.  I was uncomfortably full, but it was really good.  Eating out like that always quickly brings me back to eating better again.  I just can’t do that all the time.  This week I have vowed to lay off the desserts because I probably ate enough calories for 3 days, yikes!

The chocolate mousse cake was amazing and gigantic.  You should have seen the size of my eyeballs as he brought this to the table.  I could only muster 2 bites.


Needless to say we had tons of leftovers and the rest of the cake and cheesecake went straight into the freezer not to be touched for at least a couple weeks! 


Sunday was yet another pretty unproductive day.  I did make it to the gym for jump rope and body pump, but I think I was still recovering from my food and wine coma and didn’t quite feel right.  Chris and I also went out to Art in the Park benefitting the Boulder City Hospital Foundation.  This is an annual festival where tons of artists come and set up tents over a huge park and sell their awesome work/crafts.  My mom and I used to always go every year.  It was super windy, so we just stayed for a few hours and just perused the tents.

From now on I’m going to be pretty busy because my mom is coming to town in 2 weeks!!!  I’m so happy, but our guest room still looks like a storage shed . . .eek!  We still have to paint, get a bed and a comforter, finish the thresholds, and spruce up the rest of the house.  Of course I want it to be perfect for when she comes, but I’m going to try not to stress myself too much. 

Hope you all have a great week!   





Emily said...

I think it's healthy to have a lazy weekend once in a while! I definitely need weekends off sometimes.

So fun that you got to go to a dance show. I miss dance and gymnastics a lot, too.

Ahhh! Your pumpkin bread looks amazing. You know how much I love pumpkin right now. :-)

Sounds like you had an amazing dinner...and Art in the Park sounds like such a neat event.

Hope that prep for your mom's visit goes well!

Lara (Thinspired) said...

I just bought that pumpkin butter! I can't wait to try it now after seeing it on your blog :)

Sophia said...

AH!! That pumpkin butter was one of the things I wanted to get at TJs but couldn't...Drooling!
And Maggiano's! I haven't been but have been meaning to go there for so long...I thought it was really dark though, seems like the lighting isn't that bad, or you just have a rEALLY good camera! :-)

MelindaRD said...

I love Maggianos. I have even been to that location. The view is awesome. I also like Cafe baba reba, but personally I like Firefly just a tad better for tapas since they have the worlds best mac and cheese--try it if you haven't already.

The pumpkin butter looks good. I bought my sister some pumpkin jam from the local grocers on the island. It was good.

Anonymous said...

unproductive weekend is actually productive to our soul and body. I used to feel guilty about it but now when I don't have a leisure/relax/doing nothing weekend, I feel guilty! :)

free cheesecake? oh.. you lucky girl!! :)

A said...

We always eat at Maggiano's when I visit my Dad. He has one near his house. You're right about the portion sizes.... but it is REALLY good! The bread you made looks incredible! I actually like when breads and cakes are a little under done. I also like to lick the batter so maybe that's why!!!

Astra Libris said...

Such a glorious weekend! I'm quite impressed with all your did and accomplished - it doesn't sound to me like you sat still for one minute! Such fabulous deliciousness and excitement! I'm still ooohing and aaahhhing over the photo of the gorgeous chocolate cake... :-)

Your quickbread looks SO delicious! Oh my goodness, how have I not yet tried TJ's pumpkin butter? Thank you so much for introducing me!!