Sunday, November 1, 2009

thesis drama & a nice bike ride

IMG00029-20091101-0945 (2)With the time change I can’t believe it’s getting dark so soon.  Even though this inevitably happens every year, I never can quite adjust. 

It just seems so darn late now and all the wonderful, precious sunlight dwindles faster and it’s harder to get good food pictures! 

Anywho, the weekend for me was pretty unproductive.  Several projects/presentations are fast approaching the due date and I’m trying to find the time and motivation to get them done. 

I also had some disappointing news with my thesis . . . First, the professor who first told me she would be my chair and help form my committee pretty much blew me off and I just found out that she eagerly said she would chair another student’s thesis that isn’t even related to sports nutrition.  I’m trying to not take it personally, but I can’t help it.  Then, ever since I sent my research outline to my chair (twice) over a month ago, he hasn’t responded to me at all.  I spoke to the graduate coordinator about it and he said that he could be my chair, but he doesn’t really do lab work.  What?  I was really wanting to work in the lab, but now I guess I have to come up with a whole new idea and it has to be more like survey research.  Any ideas???  At this point I’m just desperate for anything, very disappointing. *sigh*

Other than that we made some yummy dinners!

IMG_5303Since I had Friday off, I spent most of the day running errands and getting ready for dinner.  I made fresh pasta manicotti and fettuccine too.  Fresh pasta is so cheap to make and you get a butt load of it!  The whole drying rack was full by the time Chris was done rolling/cutting it in the mixer.   

I stuffed the manicotti with a mixture of ricotta, mozzarella, fontina, parmesan, spinach, chicken sausage, and Italian spices.  I also made a homemade tomato sauce in the crock-pot which is very easy.



Did you have a good Halloween??  We didn’t even get dressed up this year!  Terrible.  We did hand out some candy and fruit snacks to the few kiddies that came in our neighborhood.  We bought waaaayy too much and now we must get rid of it asap! 

I spent most of the night trying to find research articles and a new thesis topic (with no luck) and went to bed pretty early even with the time change.  I’m so glad we didn’t forget, which is unusual!

Sunday morning Chris and I went with the Green Valley Cyclists on the Lake Mead Loop trail.  It was just about 50 miles with 2300 ft of elevation change.  This is the longest I’ve done so far and boy my legs were sure letting me know it by the end of the ride!  My legs weren’t used to all that climbing.

At this point in the ride I was still feeling pretty strong and there were some awesome views of Lake Mead . . .

IMG00029-20091101-0945 (2)

I also did a little calorie calculation experimentation with an equation I found from an RD.  I’m not sure where this equation was developed or if it’s reliable, but I love playing with numbers :)  It did seem pretty accurate with what my HR monitor says.

118 lbs x 0.0561 (15mph) = 6.6198

6.6198 x 60 x 3 hours = 1,191 kcals

2300 ft gained/100ft x 22 = 500 extra kcals  = 1,691 total kcals

Min – x 0.3/3 = 170kcals/hour         Max – x 0.5/3 = 281kals/hour

I went with about 200kcals/hour to try to match, which seems about right.  I think they multiplied the total by .3 or .5 because of actual absorption of what’s expended?

Let’s see if I matched this . . . 

  • Breakfast: big bowl of cereal, 1/2 banana, 10oz H20 – 500 kcals
  • On the Ride:
    • luna moons – 100 kcals
    • Power Bar Energy Chews – 300 kcals
    • Gatorade (42oz I think) – 180 kcals
    • 1 L of H20
  • Post Ride:
    • Smoothie – milk, 1/2 banana, strawberries, blueberries, scoop whey protein, honey, chia seeds, flax, wheat germ, peanut butter – 500 kcals
    • leftover 1/4 omelet, hash browns and 1/4 pita – 300 kcals
    • 1 L of H20
  • Dinner:
    • Beef and Barley Soup and cheesy bread – 650 kcals
    • glass of milk and 1 TJ’s cookie – 160 kcals

total kcals for the day -  2,690 kcals  (net gain of 1,000 kcals)

I’d say I didn’t do too bad, but still 1,000 kcals net gain isn’t really enough, but I’d also say I have a few extra kcals in storage since my mom came :)  It is important for athletes and active individuals to maintain proper nutrition throughout training and off days to make up for potential losses.  I’m no athlete, but it’s just fun to try things and see.  I usually wear an old HR monitor, but I guess my data capacity was full so it didn’t even work :(  Calorie expenditure is just fascinating to me. 

This smoothie was amazing and I added a huge heaping spoonful of peanut butter so I could really taste it, yum!  Funny it’s in a beer glass :)


aaaah, cheesy toast is a great dipping vehicle for soups.  I think fontina is my favorite cheese, next to goat cheese.


Soup is great for post-workout replenishment.  It gives extra fluids, veggies, a bit more iron from the beef, fiber and carbs from the barley and even a bit more salt for electrolyte losses.


Do you track your calorie expenditure and how?  Hope you have a great week!  I’m counting the days till the holidays and a little winter break, woo-hoo!


Shannon said...

Oh, I am so sorry about your thesis drama. I would have been hurt too....and very frustrated!

I'm glad you and your husband got in such a great bike ride. Great way to take out that frustration. What a calorie burn too!

Good luck with the thesis. I wish I had some ideas to offer...

Gina said...

Oh Kristen, I feel for you! I had something similar happen to me with my research. I had already started a fun project that I was really into, then my "adviser" told me there wasn't enough money for it....WHAT?! I was so mad. I had to scrammble to find something else, then I found my real adviser about 3 weeks later, and ended up doing survey research. At first I hated it, but when I look back I REALLY learned a WHOLE LOT about survey research, which is good because that is the research I Would most likely do again. PLus many people like to ask advice about survey research, it's fun! Good luck with everything, just breath deep and don't give up :)

MelissaNibbles said...

I'm sorry that your thesis is becoming so stressful. I'm sure it will work out for the best though :)

The pasta looks fabulous and what a great day for a bike ride. Look at that blue sky!

I don't track my calories because I tend to get obsessive over it and it's just not healthy. I try to pay attention to portion sizes instead.

MelindaRD said...

Kristen I am so sorry about the thesis issues. I would ask who, but I am sure it is not a good idea to give names (no tattle tales ...I subbed 1st and 2nd grade today!). I am sure you will come up with something great for it.

Nice calculation work. Lake Mead can be beautiful. Looks like you had a great ride.

Astra Libris said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the thesis frustration! How annoying, and completely rude of your chair to just leave you in a lurch like that! I'm SO sorry! Sending big sympathy hugs...

I'm in awe that you made homemade pasta amidst all your schoolwork! You are my inspiration!! Seriously, you're superwoman!! :-)

Nicole M., MS, RD, LD said...

AWESOME post! I love the breakdown of the calories, that's great.

I use to calculate intake and calories consumed/expended. It's free and pretty accurate. Plus, you can create custom foods and I just love that feature.

Congrats on the ride, looked GORGEOUS!

Emily said...

So frustrating about your research! I'm sorry that things aren't going the way you planned; sometimes people can be so annoyingly frustrating. I hope you can find a project you are interested in, even if it's not what you originally had in mind.

Looks like a fabulous bike ride! I'd love to get into trail riding, but living in St. Louis won't give me beautiful views like yours. :-) That, and I'm too scared to ride in the traffic here.

Lele said...

I am beyond admiring of someone who has thesis drama (so lame! sorry!) and yet manages to make ridiculously gorgeous HOMEMADE PASTA!

Yes, I track my calorie expenditure and I'm actively trying to stop cause it drives me BONKERS.

Thinspired said...

Hi Kristen! Wow, I haven't checked in a while and I see you have your hands full!
I'm sorry to read about your thesis troubles :( Wow, homemade pasta and a long bike ride! How do you fit this all in?!
The stew looks so good. I have only made beef stew/soup once and the beef was so tough! What's the secret to getting it tender?

Katy said...

I've been LOVING the time change, because it means I can run in the morning without it being creepy dark. I think I'm going to be able to ride my bike to work, too!

I count calories -- I used to use SparkPeople, which I loved, but after getting an iPhone, I started using the free "Lose It" app.