Wednesday, January 14, 2009

added convenience

Even though I enjoy making my own creations or using leftovers for lunch, sometimes it’s good to let someone else (uh-em . . .the microwave) do the work for you! 

In the future I would like to post more about new products or ingredients that I try, and this one seems to be a good starting point.  When I do get a few frozen meals, the brand that I prefer is LeanCuisine.  Most of the meals that I have tried from their line always have a really great flavor and don’t taste like . . . blah as most of you I’m sure have experienced.  They also have a pretty good nutritional profile.  More on those later. . .  

Another great omediumne I’ve been trying is Kashi.  I really enjoy their bars and cereals, so I thought I would give their new chicken rustico sesame pocket bread a try.  It was really good, like having a nice Italian meal all bundled up in a whole-grain sandwich roll.  Inside there is chicken, mushrooms, roasted bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and of course the whole-grain goodness of Kashi on the outside.  It was actually quite filling too with 300 kcals, 4g fiber, and 18 g protein.  It did have 670 mg of sodium (28%) which I a bit high for a 2300mg/day suggested allotment for the average person, but can definitely be included in a well balanced eating plan.

Pre-portioned frozen meals can be a great way to lose weight or keep calories in check when we don’t feel like whipping up something ourselves.  It is very important to keep an eye on the sodium content of frozen foods, because they tend to be higher to help with preservation and improve taste.  

I like to eat little meals throughout the day, so I will probably have another snack later this afternoon to hold me over before dinner (I think it will be leftover split-pea and ham soup with grilled cheese- Yum and lots of fiber!).

Are there any frozen meals that you particularly enjoy?   


*Please Note*  I am not affiliated with or endorse any brand names that are posted on this blog, and only show pictures solely based on my personal experiences.      

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