Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a simple breakfast

IMG_6420 Most mornings there isn’t much time to prepare an elaborate breakfast and I’m sure most of you can surely relate.  Because of this we tend to fall into a routine, having the same 2 or 3 breakfast staples that are easy to make and tweak according to our cravings for the day.  I don’t think this is bad thing at all, especially if it’s healthy, filling and wholesome.  Plus different components can be adjusted based on what’s at hand, like different fruits, cereals, etc.  What breakfast should be is a priority every day, even with the limited time we have in the mornings.  I don’t think I’ve ever not gone without breakfast, or at least try to grab something quick out the door.  It gets the metabolism going, the brain functioning and prevents over eating throughout the day. 

Breakfast is one of my favorites.  Hello Morning!


Extending the wonderful breakfast for lunch I had yesterday at Toast, I wanted to utilize the leftover raspberry walnut pancakes somehow because they were so tasty.  For something simple, I warmed up 1/2 the pancake, topped it with a fried egg, a sprinkling of 2% cheese and a small slice of salty bacon.


On the side I used 1/2 a pear as a bowl for some NF Greek yogurt with cinnamon.  mmm . . . breakfast doesn’t have to be something elaborate every day. 

Yep, something simple and to your liking will do just fine . . .


Other breakfast staples of mine during the busy week, that aren’t anything extraordinary but fit the bill include:

  • bowl of whole grain cereals (I have to mix about 4 different kinds!), 1% milk or soymilk, topped with sliced banana and a small handful of nuts.
  • peanut butter naan – toasted whole wheat naan, topped with pb and jam, a scoop of low fat cottage cheese, cereal and fruit.  It’s like a cottage cheese open-faced sandwich. 
  • and if there’s time, I like to of course whip up a batch of good ol’ oats with hundreds of different topping/mix-in combos :)

Today we are going to spend time with my aunt and little cousin that are in town visiting!  We’re going to be romping around with the animals . . . hehe

What’s your favorite simple and quick breakfast staple?


MelissaNibbles said...

I eat oatmeal with cottage cheese every morning. I mix it up with different mixins and toppings. It might seem monotonous to some, but it fits my budget. I can't afford all the things I see other bloggers eat everyday and I love oatmeal!

MelindaRD said...

The pear looks so yum! I eat cereal most morning because it is easy. When I work from home I guess I can make anything I want, but I always feel like I need to get right to work and so cereal is easy. I gotta start making some better and different dishes for breakfast.

katie said...

Simple and delicious!

Happy Tuesday,



Corinne @ Green Grapes Blog said...

Great breakfast ideas! I love the idea of PB and Whole Wheat Naan--I'll give it a whirl! Personally, I love my morning bowl of oats or a high-fiber English muffin with some PB or almond butter and fruit or a sweet potato:)

Anonymous said...

wow that is such a great way to use that pancake..that looks awesome! i eat oatmeal every am..its the ONLY thing that fills me up!

Anonymous said...

I love the pb and naan idea! I eat granola and low-fat coconut flakes with skim milk or soy milk a lot. I also love wheat or flax seed waffles with peanut butter or a larabar. And always coffee!

Kasey said...

Breakfast foods are my favorite! I have some whole wheat naan and & PB in the refrigerator- I'm going to have to try that combo! My "go to" breakfast is whole grain cereal, milk, fruit, & nuts.

Gina said...

mmm, what a great looking, and sounding breakfast! I love a good pancake, but lately my favorite quick breakfast has been steel cut oats, or oat bran. I love mixing it with pumpkin and peanut butter....I'm slightly obsessed.

So I bought some coconut water and re-read you rpost about its benefits. Here is my question;why do you think there was less GI stress with the coconut water? I have been doing research about athletes and the glycemic index and it seems to me that Gatorade is suggested because of it's high glycemic index and fast absorption of carbs (among other reasons) however coconut water has a GI of 45, which is low. So did you see anything in the literature about the difference between performance in athletes who drink coconut water and those who drink Gatorade?

Emily said...

I agree..I always start my morning with breakfast, or I know it's not going to be a good day.

My fave breakfast is always oats. :-)

Michal said...

One of my favorite breakfast staples has to be a green smoothie. Yum! I also love making oatmeal.