Sunday, December 27, 2009

fitting it all in

It is so true that I will have the time to get back into gym mode when I get back.  So I just need to stop worrying about it like you guys said!  It was actually a most beautiful day and the sun was shining!  I should have went for a run or something, but alas there were other activities to fit in the day :)

IMG_6283After breakfast, we headed to my step dad’s race shop for a little tour.  Even though this shop isn’t as big as some of the shops he’s worked at, it still amazes me how much time and energy goes into the racing industry.  It’s really neat.

Here are a few shots from the inside . . .


My step dad said I can’t really post all the pictures we took :)

Next, we headed to a shopping mall called Birkdale.  They have a bunch of different shops with condos above and it’s fun to walk around, especially when the weather is nice. 

For lunch we stopped at a place called Brixx which has the best oven roasted pizza mmm the crust is thin and crispy.

IMG_6298I started out with the Brixx salad and Chris got the tortilla soup special.  The salad is topped with goat cheese, pine nuts and a light balsamic vinaigrette, but I passed on the croutons and bread.


We shared the BBQ pizza (I had 2 slices) and it was really good even though they forgot to take off the onions!  ewww!


We also decided to share a tall NF peppermint mocha from Starbucks.  I haven’t had one of these in a long time too!


IMG_6308After walking around Birkdale for a bit, we decided we had to stop at the Soda Shop, a cute little eatery in Davidson that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It has some pretty yummy sammies and other deli type selections along with many milkshake flavors, but my favorite part is the sweet tater fries!  We had to fit them in :)

Isn’t this the cutest downtown?  I adore places like this!


 Checkerboard tile and all . . .


 And for the finale . . .


Oh boy these are quite addicting!  I portioned out 10 slices and Chris ate the rest mmm  It’s a good thing we don’t live close to here. 


Not much going on for the rest of the night, probably picking at leftovers and hanging out :)  My aunt and little cousin decided to come into town tomorrow to visit for a few days and we’re going to a Charlotte Bobcats game!  Not sure about the bloggie meet up yet, but we’ll see!  


Gina said...

I always try to get my sweet potato fries to look like that, but I always fail.

This town does look great, with such fantastic little shops. I LOVE places like that. I need to get out more..... haha. But really, I do!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh those fries look amazee! what a CUTE town-we have a brixx here and i LOVE their pizzas+spinach salads!

Emily said...

It's so neat that your stepdad works in the racing industry.

And those sweet tater fries look perfect! I haven't made those in a while, and I think I know what I want for dinner. :-)

MelissaNibbles said...

I hate onions too! The salad looks great.

Looks like a fun day :)

*Naomi* said...

those sweet pot fries look SO CRISP!!! like gina said, I always try to make them like that and they never come out that crispy!

that town is super cute and glad you enjoyed the NF peppermint mocha, it sounds fabulous!

have agreat day girl!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

What a cute little town! I love towns like that...

The sweet potatoes look AMAZING!!!

Have a great day!

Diana said...

Brixx is my second fave pizza place in town. I adore their BBQ chicken pizza.

Glad you got to hit up the soda shop! That place is adorable and has great burgers! :)

Michal said...

Look at those little sweet potato friend. Yum! The Soda Shop looks so cute, I love the bar stools.

MelindaRD said...

Looks so cute there. I am totally jealous. I can understand not being able to post all the pics from the shop. That is cool though to get to see all of that.

Sagan said...

That's a really beautiful downtown area. Those kinds of places always make me so happy.

Really cool race shop!

tam said...

Those fries look so good! What a lovely place that town looks like a cool place enjoy your rest days x x

Kelly said...

Wow those fries look AMAZING!
And I love peppermint mochas!

Astra Libris said...

Such a wonderful day! The sweet potato fries look incredible - I adore sweet potato fries... and peppermint mochas... ;-) Sounds like the perfect day to me! :-)

sophia said...

holy cow...sweet potato criss-cut fries? Or chips? OMG....looks amazing!
And you look beautiful, too!