Sunday, December 6, 2009

it’s the holiday season

IMG_5857 For the month of December I think I have 5 different parties to go to!  I love all the food, fun, and festivities, but it has got me thinking of a strategy to enjoy the holidays while still maintaining a sensible portion mindset and getting in that physical activity.  I’ve been lacking in that department lately with presentations and now finals coming up next week, but I hope to get back on the wagon and fit in some gym time asap.  Even a little bit of activity can make a big difference in the long run.

I like to get into the holiday spirit of giving like adopting a family and donating imperishable foods to a local food bank.  I’d like to make sure I do that this year too.  It means so much to those families in need. 

IMG_5850For our first holiday party of the season, Chris and I went to an AITP Gala called ‘Technology for Tots’ on Friday night.  AITP stands for Association of Information Technology Professionals and Chris is on the board for the student chapter.  There were also several other IT organizations there and it was a great event with over 300 people.  Everyone was asked to bring an unwrapped toy to donate, and there were quite a few I’d say!


The highlight of the event was the food!!  Oh wow, there were so many items to choose from and I wanted to take everything!   

Holiday Intervention Strategy -----> Even though there may be a ton of goodies to choose from only take a few that you know you will really enjoy.  Fill half your plate with the veggies like salad greens and then go from there, especially if the plates are giant like the ones we had.  Another good tip:  have a filling snack like an apple beforehand so you’re not overly ravenous at the party :)

IMG_5846We got 2 free drink tickets and I had a glass and a half of chianti.  Couldn’t resist that one.   

This butternut squash soup was wonderful and I stole a bite from Chris’ bowl.


Here is my plate, I had some salad greens, green beans, carrots, salmon, slice of turkey, pasta (only ate 1/2) and acorn squash.  It was all delish!  Many of the veggies were swimming in a nice flavor enhancer called fat, but I tried my best to drip it off :)


Now here is where it gets tough . . . after dinner you feel comfortably full but not overly stuffed and then you see the dessert table over there in the corner calling your name . . .

Now how can you resist something that looks like this?  Someone tell me?!  lol   


Holiday Intervention Strategy ------->  Because all the desserts are all so tempting, get a few and take a bite from each to add up to about one serving of a normal dessert.  Desserts are yummy and should be enjoyed!

Here is my plate of the ones I thought were worth it . . .  I managed a bite from each but the pumpkin pie kept calling my name so yes I finished that one!  I didn’t really like the carrot cake thing so that was easy to stop at :)


I just love added touches like this!!! 


We even got dressed up!  It’s kind of fun doing things like this, although I had to fish a dress out from the back of the closet!


Do you have some holiday parties on the calendar?  How do you give back during the holiday season?


bhealthier said...

Wow! I loved all your photos. They totally make me get into the christmas spirit!! I totally agree about desserts- I almost always get as many as I want and just take a few bites from each to equal a normal size dessert!

tam said...

Oooooo those puddings look divine! You look so pretty x x

Emily said...

I like your intervention strategies. :-) I love holiday parties and spending time with friends and family...and the fact that everyone seems to adopt the spirit of giving.

Great photo of you and Chris!

Gina said...

Oh you make me look bad. I haven't really given back a whole lot. I have donated some money to charities, and I'm also wrapping little gifts for the local senior citizen center, so that is how I'm giving back. Nick and I want to do Meals on Wheels too, which we should do other times throughout the year, not just Christmas.

I love your dress, by the way, AND I love your advice about taking a bunch of desserts and just taking 1 or 2 bites of each. That's what I do and it works really well! Those desserts look so pretty, and so testy. Glad you enjoyed them! Aside form the carrot...

Anonymous said...

that is an AMAZING dessert plate.. and LOVE your dress!

Shannon said...

What a pretty couple! The event looked like a lot of fun. I have trouble with a whole dessert table. Everything seems to call to me! I try to stick to the special things that I can only get this time of year.

RunToTheFinish said...

i agree my goal is to only eat those that are just truly amazing or I can't have another time... little bites of anumber of things make a mouth happy!

Allen said...

I try the whole salad on half the plate thing, then I just stack other stuff on top of it when I run out of room. :)

Nicole M., MS, RD, LD said...

Chianti...a girl after my own heart : ) LOVE Chianti!

Lots of parties on the calender, fortunately and unfortunately. I'm giving back by making healthy cookie options and committing to morning workouts for myself.

Devan Geselle said...

great strategies :)

Gah. what a beautiful gingerbread house ! and yummmy deserts!

Lori said...

Looks like a fun event! Those desserts are beautiful. I've learned over the years to choose the things I really want. For example, I never have a roll at holiday meals, that's the type of thing I can have any old day and it just adds calories. I do indulge and truly enjoy what I really want though. I think that is very important.

I've already had our two parties - husband's company & a cookie exchange. We head to the Caribbean each year the week before Christmas and we are keeping that tradition going this year. Most of our giving is through our church.

Tricia said...

Wow, everything looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you two had fun!
I have a hard time resisting the desserts, I think you have a good strategy, I will report back and tell you how I do. haha.

We are not having a work Christmas party, but one in January. So far, I only have my holiday cookie party. Why is someone trying to limit sweets having a cookie party. haha. Can't wait to see you!

Sana said...

What a lovely idea for a holiday party :) and man that dessert table!!!
I want to just dive into it!!! Kidding.....

Anonymous said...

I only choose those that I know I'll enjoy, too. I take tiny portions of everything I would like, and then go seconds and thirds for those that I really like! :-)

Elina said...

So many parties!! I cannot eat reasonably with dessert buffets like this. I can work it off in January ;)
My work does a toy drive every year and I have a holiday party (drink fest) with my co-workers next weekend. I think that's it this year. Not bad :D