Wednesday, August 26, 2009

it’s really over

IMG_4521My first realization to the end of summer was the giant chunk of change that was gone from my pocket with just a mere click of the mouse, and now with the first week of classes, along with work, I’ve come to the final realization that it is definitely over *sigh*  Even though it’s only midweek I feel my free time is going to be very tight this semester and the weekends are just going to fly by even worse than before.  I want to let you guys all know that I may be lacking in the blogging and commenting department, but I will try as much as I can.  I myself like to personally respond back to each commenter on their own blog because I really enjoy getting your comments and I like to see and respond to your blogs too :)

Thanks for all your comments I really appreciate them!  I’m going to try to get another ride in this weekend, but it will probably be with the slow riders, so I’ll have to some how get in contact with him again.  Whatever my thesis may be I think I’m going to ask these guys if they want to come in the ex phys lab.  I wonder if they’ve tried coconut water?  hmmm . . .   

Happy Hump Day!  Even though it’s almost pretty well over.  I have to say that on Sunday and Monday I went to bed at 9 and wow, what a difference a few, well about 3 extra hours makes!  I wish I could go to bed at 9 every night!

For times sake, I will jump right in to one of my favorites. . .

IMG_4534Chris and I always usually make home-made pizza and calzones on a Friday because we can make the worst mess in the kitchen, have lots of red wine and just be happy that it’s the weekend :)  This time we made them Tuesday night.  Well, Chris made the dough and then we made the rest together that night.  Tuesday night was also Chris’ last day before he started his new job!!!!!!!!!  We are so excited and relieved that he got this one, it’s just going to be pretty tough juggling everything and dinner with both of us working full-time and doing grad school.  We’ll see how it goes!

image There is nothing like fresh, home-made dough!  It is just so yummy and pretty darn fun to make too.  I’ve made this ww dough recipe before and you can find it here, or you can just simply look at the pictures :)


Pizza stones give an awesome texture.  Oh my gosh the oven was so freakin’ hot and we were dying.  Chris also set off the fire alarm using the grill pan for stuffing ingredients, oops!  We had to bring down the box fan to get some air circulating since it was just as hot if not hotter outside.  I can’t wait till it cools down here!

Happy buns in the oven! 


This one recipe makes a whole lotta dough (wish it was the green kind), so be prepared to make a lot for leftovers!


Ok, best pizza topping invention!!!!  Have you ever tried fresh figs on your pizza?  Sounds kinda weird, but it works so well.  I like to use a balsamic reduction as the ‘sauce’, top it with some spinach, fresh figs, crispy prosciutto and fontina cheese, yum!


IMG_4521 Another great pizza topping is grilled peaches, I love the combination of salty sweet things and these also pair well with the salty prosciutto. 

I make thin crust pizzas most of the time, but every once in awhile I do like a Chicago deep dish from a place called BJ’s.  It’s to-die for!  And also their pizookies are a big weakness :)



Why not have a calzone or pizza making party for your next get-together?  I’ve done this a couple times with some friends and we’ve had an absolute blast (of course an addition of wine makes it fun too).  Just have all the ingredients and dough ready to go and get your guests working in the kitchen!  Nice!

What’s the worst mess you’ve made in the kitchen?




Lainie said...

I'm sad summer is over too. Not entirely ready to start classes again yet! Oh well, at least we know the season will come around again relatively soon...

As for the biggest mess I ever made in my kitchen...well...don't exactly know...I make a mess when I cook every single day. Ugh.

Eve said...

Your calzones look so good!! The one time I tried to make dough it was a total failure :( Will need to try again. I love your creative toppings.

Anonymous said...

homemade dough for pizza and calzone!!! wooooo...... all look incredibly delicious!!! Although your calzones look just like argentinian empanadas. hahaha....

enjoy your class and don't worry too much about blogging and commenting, it's not a duty, it's just a hobbie! :)

Shannon said...

We always have pizza on Fridays too. I'll have to try calzones...those look really good!

I am pretty good about messes in the kitchen. I clean as I go, so I never have a lot out at once. It might save time though, to just do one clean up at the end...

girlichef said...

Oh my gosh, YUM! I love your calzones...and the open faced pizza looks amazing, too. I love figs, but have never tried them on pizza. I wish I could get fresh ones where I am :/ I've made some pretty big messes, but I'm gonna say an icky, sticky, ooey, gooey, fruity pie filling baked on to the bottom of my oven (and the side, and the racks) was probably my worst...and I think I've stupidly done it several times!!

MelissaNibbles said...

Oh wow, the grilled peaches look amazing. I just bought some peaches and think I might try to work grilled peaches into my dinner tonight. Thanks for the inspiration and good luck with your semester!

Gina said...

Congrats to Chris for his new job!!
No, I've never tried figs on a pizza, but I love figs, and that's a SUPER idea! I like adding something sweet to what would normally be more savory, excellent idea (you really are a future culinary student!)

As for the body composition measurement, we usually do it while people are laying down, however we were told not too long ago that results are best when they are sitting! I'm not sure what is really correct, until then we just have them sit.

Worst mess in the kitchen....the first time I made ice cream, it was all over the place because I poured the mix into the bowl before closing the lever at the bottom. It went EVERYWHERE!

Susan said...

Mmmm I've going to have to make pizza/calzones now. They look so yummy!

I'm pretty good about not making messes in the kitchen, but whenever cookie decorating season comes around (that would be every Christmas), stuff gets EVERYWHERE. Especially when you invite 25 college kids (mostly male) to your apartment.

Luckily they ate a lot of the mess! :)

Sweta said...

Oh those are some darn good looking calzones!!
All the best with grad school :)

Nicole M., MS, RD, LD said...

What a wonderful Friday/Tuesday tradition! I should take on that cooking feat! And the red wine...sign me up for that, too! Love it! And figs...I must try that! Great post!


The Fat Dietitian said...

Those calzones are beautiful... Just about every Friday night is homemade pizza night around my house too. I try to avoid messes in my kitchen bc I hate to clean. If a recipe looks to messy, it will not get made, lol.

Emily said...

Ok, those calzones look amazing! Sounds like you and Chris have a pretty fantastic tradition..what a way to celebrate the weekend!

Good luck with your classes and research. Things are picking up for me, too...crazy! I should ask you since I asked Gina. What kind of snacks did you pack to eat during your rotations? I'm trying to think ahead. :-)

Linda - one scoop at a time said...

I echo the comments above - your pizza and calzones are picture perfect.

We have a pizza stone but haven't used it much since we have not made many homemade dough since purchasing it. Do you get a crispier crust with it?

jackielou said...

i definitely need to borrow your wheat pizza dough recipe, if you don't mind. looks super yummy. i was also drooling over your salmom picutres.

i am also sad that summer is coming to an end. i picked up two classes for the fall in preparation for grad school. good luck with classes this semester! i know you will do well.

i'll be in town later on this year, and just so you know, i'm stopping by to see you and your beautiful home.

eatingRD said...

Thanks guys! Sounds like we've all had our fun messes in the kitchen!

Linda - the pizza stone gives it a great crispy texture on the outside and because I like to raise the dough twice it's still very tender on the inside. It really makes it yummy! Just have to be careful with the stone and drastic temp changes because it can crack easily. One of ours is 1/2 cracked, but is still works :)

Jackie - We HAVE to get together!! So glad to hear from you :)

Astra Libris said...

Ohhhh, your pizzas and calzones look incredible!! I love your idea of adding fruit! Amazing!

Congratulations to Chris on his new job! Yay!

Oh my goodness, every year right before the start of Chanukkah my mother and I "process" around 50 pounds of potatoes, making potato pancakes for every friend and family member imaginable... With all those grated potatoes flying about, the kitchen is a huge mess by the time we finish around 2AM! :-)