Friday, August 14, 2009

food experience of all time

I think Marrakech is one of those places that you don’t go just to eat, but enjoy the incredible experience and ambiance that goes along with it.

The first time we went to Marrakech was with a Christmas gift card we received from Chris’ dad and step mom.  Boy were we impressed!  We practically giggled in amazement as each course came out and the belly dancers jiggled all over the room.  The second time we came was last year for our 2nd anniversary.  And of course they wowed us again!  Last night we went back with Chris’ dad and step mom to celebrate their retirement and also their new cabin they will be retiring to in Colorado soon.  While we are so happy for them, Chris and I are going to miss them terribly.  They are so cool to hang out with for soon-to-be in-laws!  They like wine, food and having a good time.  They will be surely missed, but it will be fun to visit!  We’re hoping we can make it up there for Thanksgiving.

IMG_4359I just wanted to share with you some of the experience.  This place is terrible for pictures because the lighting is very dark, but it’s still pretty neat.  If you have one in your area or ever get a chance to go I would highly recommend it!

Here is the 6 course menu as you enter:

IMG_4360There is Moroccan style shrimp scampi, lentil soup, marinated vegetables with hummus, kebabs of filet mignon, cous cous platter with vegetables and game hens, and of course pastilla for dessert!

There were four of us and we even took home some leftovers.  This place is well worth the price tag because it is delicious!  I would also recommend bringing a few extra dollar bills to tip the dancers :)

Here is a view from the inside.  Everything is covered in gorgeous fabric with Moroccan flair, plates and antique type items adorn the walls, and you sit at short tables close to the ground.  As you step into the curtains, it’s like your going to another realm.  Wait, am I still in Vegas??

I love this picture, it looks like the light is enveloping the walls of fabric like fire. . .


Everything was lit by mostly candlelight . . . very romantic! but terrible for food pictures.


Tiny tables and chairs!


IMG_4364The waiter came and asked for our drinks, and then washed our hands in rosewater!  This smells so floral and fragrant and made my hands feel so soft.  It’s also a plus because most of the courses are eaten with your fingers.

IMG_4366We had a wonderful Moroccan wine with dinner called Amazigh.  It’s a very easy red, like a merlot and very fruity.  We can’t find this anywhere in Las Vegas!  It was $35/bottle, dang restaurant mark-up, but it’s still cheaper than getting it by the glass.  We ordered two bottles.  Let me remind you that Chris’ dad and step mom really can hold their liquor!  I had about 1.5 glasses throughout the two hour dinner :) Oh yes, and plan at least 2 hours because there is much food, conversation and belly-dancing to be had!

First course was shrimp scampi in the most wonderful garlic, butter and parsley sauce, along with some great bread to dip!  I had 4 shrimp and 1/2 slice of bread.  I was trying to pace myself!


Second course was lentil soup that you drink and hold the bowl in your hands.  This is so good, but I only had about 1/4 of it.  I get sooo full on soup very easily.


Third course is my favorite!!!!  Marinated vegetables with hummus!  Oh my gosh I love how they makes this.  The veggies are slightly crunchy, slightly blanched and enveloped in a wonderful sweet/ tangy vinaigrette.  Yum!  The marinated beets were so good.  There were also carrots, cucumber, onions, maters, and olives.  I had a good portion of this one :)


Fourth course was filet mignon kebobs in a giant pineapple!  What a presentation, eh?  It was weird I wasn’t feeling the meat at all.  I actually felt the veggies all tasted better than the meat.  Don’t get me wrong, all the big carnivores at the table were very happy :)


Fifth course was cornish game hens with veggies and cous cous.  Yum!  The meat was so tender, but I loved the carrots and butternut squash.  There were also raisins in the cous cous which I love.


IMG_4383Next came the mint tea!  They pour it from way up high and manage not to spill it everywhere.  I love mint tea after dinner because it really helps to aid digestion, but this one is a bit sweet for my taste.

For dessert we had a pastilla they call it.  It’s basically phyllo dough wrapped around warm apples, nuts and cinnamon and topped with a lot of powdered sugar and more cinnamon.  This is not my kind of dessert, unless of course it came a la mode :)  But it was really good and not too sweet. 


This was such a great experience and I’m sure Chris and I won’t be able to go back here for awhile.  So yummy!

Do you have a favorite restaurant ‘experience’ that just blew you away?  I’d love to hear!!   


Astra Libris said...

SO gorgeous! Such a fantastic experience! Thank you for taking us along on the journey! Oh my goodness, the hummus and veggies would definitely be my favorite too... SO beautiful! :-)

Actually, this restaurant reminds me a wee bit of an amazing tiny little Moroccan restaurant in New Orleans, where Zach and I went for one of our first dates... Even though at the time he was living quite near the restaurant, and I was an hour north in Baton Rouge, he still insisted on driving up to Baton Rouge to pick me up and drive me to dinner! So gallant! I'll always remember the night with such warm fondness... :-)

Gina said...

Wow, that place looks like it's so fun!! With belly dancers and all?? There is no place like that around here, I'm jealous. Just the scenery itself is enough to peak my interest!

As for my best restaurant experience, I guess it would have to be the Japanese Steakhouse, which is a restaurant where they cook all the food in front of you (I'm sure you've bee to one before). It's just different from other settings, and it's nice to know the cooks aren't sneezing or putting anything nasty in your food!! It's just fun, especially when the cook is really talented and can through things in the air, etc.

The pour of your tea is pretty awesome, I'd spill it everywhere and make a full of myself!

Lainie said...

Oooh - looks like you guys had fun!!! Love the setting - very cute! I had an awesome experience in a restaurant last ngiht; we ate a place called iorio which serves food that is mostly and organic. I had a butternut squash and goat cheese pizza and I could've cried it was so good!!!

Emily said...

Looks like a pretty incredible dining experience! The food looks so wonderful, and the atmosphere is definitely unique!

As an RD, I was wondering what you thought of the GMA segment featuring Kim Snyder (did you see it)? One of my dietetic professors was talking about it the other day, and I just posted about it today. :-)

Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

That's funny - I stayed at a hotel called Marrakech in NYC that was sort of cool and funky looking on the website. Turned out to be a 5th floor walk-up with colors and patterns to hide the old, old building's flaws. Your restaurant sounds much, much better!

Michal said...

Wow that place looks amazing, I am glad that you had such a fun time. I wish we had fun places like that arounds here. That hummus does looks tasty - i have been eating so much hummus lately (:

kristen :) said...

Loved hearing about all your eating adventures, lots of fun :)

Emily - no I haven't seen that yet, I will watch it on your site this evening and get back with you. Sounds like some clarification was definitely needed and some uneducated statements were made.

Gina said...


I have not researched into the algal form of omega-3, I assume you are talking about algae? Maybe not. I'm sure we will learn much much more about omega-3 as years go by, it's one of those trends that will stick around and become even more interesting (or confusing) as years go by!

healthy ashley said...

This restaurant sounds amazing!! I love meals that are experiences.

My one experience was when my boss told my boyfriend and I to go to Ruth Chris Steakhouse, enjoy ourselves and that she'd foot the bill. Considering going out for us is $20 at Chili's or take-out Chinese, this was quite the treat! We loved every moment of the experience- including the fact that the $200+ bill wasn't coming from our bank accounts! Loved that :)

Anonymous said...

what a awesome and exotic place!!! I'd love to visit and eat all their yummy food!!! so lucky you girl~~~

Selba said...

What a beautiful restaurant and food looks so delicious.

Apples and Butter said...

We have a restaurant like this near us, but haven't been in years! Thanks for the reminder to check it out again!

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

wow all of that food sounds AMAZING!! I wish I had something like that near me!

bhealthier said...

hey there!
my sister is in las vegas right now! I was thinking of you when she left. That place looks like a great experience- love that ceiling!

We just found a new wedding place in myrtle beach! It seems PERFECT - closer, no minimums, gorgeous, on the beach, airport & hotels neary by...I have never been there- do you like myrtle? it is the Grand Dunes... what is the beach like?

Sweta said...

What a wonderful place-the ambiance is simply awesome,and I'm guess so is the food.
We were in Vegas in July,and I completely forgot you live there. Would have loved to meet you :)

The Fat Dietitian said...

That looks incredible! I will be searching for Moroccan restaurants in my area... :)

Emmett said...

Love the blog, I live in Las Vegas too.