Saturday, March 21, 2009

on the move

100_2541I never thought the day would actually come when I would be investing in a home of my own!  It just doesn’t seem quite possible to me.  It really says something about the markets these days when my fiancée and I can actually afford to buy!  We are so excited with this new chapter in our lives together and quite nervous as to what the future will bring. 

I am also very happy to not have to move again for awhile after this next big one.  I think I have moved every year for the past 6 or 7 years!  All throughout school, dorms, apartments, condos, roomies, limited space, dirty laundry . . . . good times!  And it seems every year that I move the more crap I have accumulated.  So I guess moving isn’t such a bad thing because it forces me to get rid of junk that would otherwise keep piling up, right?

We have opened escrow and are now waiting to get all the financial stuff squared away and close within 45 days.  We are hoping that we will get to move in mid-May when school is over for the semester!  Lots to think about! 

What is good about this townhouse, even though it is a foreclosure, is everything is in really good shape and still has all the appliances.  Most foreclosures we have seen have been completely trashed with everything missing.  We will just have to clean the carpets and splash some paint on the walls for now. 

Here is the kitchen, we like it because it’s a really open floorplan, conducive to lots of cooking while still being able to talk to guests!


Here is the living room . . .

100_2529                                                                                                                            100_2530                                                       I hope this range will work better than the one we have now that heats the entire condo when you turn it on . . . not good for 115 degree Vegas weather haha. 

I really try my hardest to avoid using that stove like the plague in the summer.  It’s so hard because you know how I love a good baked casserole and broiled pasta.

Here is the master!  I’ve never had a room this spacious.


Peace from the master bath!


And a laundry room without those dang stackables where I can only fit like 2 pairs of jeans in it!!  Hallelujah for a full-sized washer and dryer!   


Little view of Red Rock from our balcony . . .


Any words of advice on house ownership? 

A little taste of dinner from the crock. . .

Beef Daube Provencal on top of cous cous and wilted spinach



Burp and Slurp~! said...

wow! amazing new house! I LOVE the open-floor great for parties! are you gonna have a housse-warming party?
my thoughts on house-ownership? I can dream, but I doubt I will ever buy a house. I'm so not good with maintenance and the house would probably crumble before my very eyes! nope, apartment for me.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the new home!!

Mo said...

The condo is amazing! I love big open kitchens - we love to entertain, and it is so conducive to cooking and conversating. Beautiful view- is that Henderson? My cousins live in Henderson, and I believe they have the same view.

kristen :) said...

Many thanks! It is in Henderson, we really like that area a lot. I was just thinking about a house-warming party!!! How fun! I love doing stuff like that, I just hope we'll have enough furniture haha. But, it's all about the good company, right?

Anonymous said...

you not only have a master bathroom but 2 sinks as well! wow! so spacious and amazingly lovely.

house ownership is much more work that I thought it would be- like cutting grass, leaky roofs, a/c and heat breaking... I don't think there is anything we haven't had to fix or will fix but its fun!


Anonymous said...

thanks for adding me to your roll too! much appreciated and I added you to mine as well.

Emily said...

Your townhouse looks great! I also greatly appreciate a full washer and dryer!

Missi said...

Looks great, Kristen! I like the openness of the kitchen area too - and the area in the laundry room - I'm in need of shelves. :) We just bought our house last September. Here's some things I've learned from our experience: Meet your neighbors before you sign anything. Nasty or loud neighbors can make life very unpleasant, especially in Vegas where homes are so close together. (We have mostly good neighbors.) Let them know you are interested in the house and that you wanted to see how the neighborhood was. Hopefully, they're are friendly. :) Make sure you have an inspector check everything before signing final docs. We found out in time that our master tub actually had a covered up crack in the bottom! (Not going to hold water.) We were able to get compensation to get the tub replaced because we caught it before signing final docs. Check the air ducts. We did NOT think about this before hand and have since realized that the dust bunnies are multiplying like rabbits everytime the ac/heat starts blowing. So, we have to pay to get them cleaned out. (I have allergies too!) Those are the things I can think of right now. Hope they help!

kristen :) said...

Thanks Missi! Wow, lots of great tips for the new home. I didn't really think of most of those. Thank you very much :)