Monday, May 4, 2009

slowly but surely


Well, things are finally starting to come together!  I won’t lie, I’ve been stressing these last few weeks.  We still have yet to pack and move, but we are hoping to get everything moved by this week . . . eek!  I’m so sorry I’ve been lacking in the blog postings something terrible.  There has just been so much going on, I had to set priorities with myself.  I can’t wait to get settled and have time to relax and blog this summer.  I’m not going to be taking any summer school, so that will be nice. 

I finished my finals and now am concentrating on getting things packed and ready for moving.  It’s hard trying to move when you have to do it after a full day of work, but it’s getting there!

We still have to finish painting the master bath, laundry room, powder room and guest room, along with touch up, but those will have to 100_2817wait till after we move in.  We’ve got the majority of it done and I had the professionals tackle the high staircase and hallway, thank goodness!  They were life savers.  We also started (with the help of my dad) on the crown molding and hope to have that done by tomorrow?  We also picked up our laminate flooring and want to start that in a couple weeks.  So much to do!  Man, and I thought this place was move in ready!



Here is the master looking into the bath.  The colors seem much brighter on the camera in the light, but are a bit darker and richer.  Still have to paint the bath the same color as the staircase/hallway.


Here’s some of the beginnings of crown molding.  Sorry for the poor quality, it’s from my phone :(  It sure is amazing what crown molding can do to a room!


Here’s Chris with the flooring, I think it will look nice!


I’ll be posting more (and better) pictures when we get closer! 

I now have a © logo thanks to the talented designers at Canyon Creative!!!  Hopefully, we can get this incorporated to the new site and get it up and running this summer.  What do you think? 


I’ve been cooking (uh em . . throwing together) a lot of quick and easy things these days, like tacos, annie’s mac and cheese, frittatas, anything I can find in the back cupboard, etc.  And we’ve even sneaked in a few eating out occasions with coupons if we can help it.  I have to get a ton of gifts for everyone that have helped us and continue to help us through this process.  It’s amazing how a few extra hands can make all the difference.  We are so thankful. 

Well, I better get to packing and hopefully when you hear from me again we’ll be moved!  I’ll also be posting the 5 winners to the giveaway.  Yay!  Hope all is well in your world :)



Anonymous said...

Hey Kristen! good luck with the rest of the painting and the move! Love the logo!

Sweta said...

Gosh-that's quite a lot of work.The results are showing and it's absolutely lovely.It looks professionally done-great job :)
I LOVE the new logo-change is always good.Looking forward to the NEW look.
Take care :)

Thinspired said...

The house is looking great! Nice paint job ;)
I LOVE the new logo. It's professional but still fun and nice to look at.

Emily said...

The new place is looking great! I love the new logo, too...very modern and professional!

TJLoop85 said...

It looks like everything is coming together quite nicely. I really love the crown molding in the kitchen, it really bring a clean, crisp, finished look to the room.

Great job.

Anonymous said...

I'm really excited for you about the move! your new home is gonna be beautiful! It's ok about the lack of blogging...I know how busy you must be! moving is no small matter! may you have a smooth transition!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with all the hard work! We are no where near the stage of painting you guys are or were! We still need to get everything cleaned before we paint- so planning stages.

Wow, your painting looks fantastic! How hard you must be working! And as far as the break in blogging, isn't it funny how the pressure adds up as if we have to fill the "expectations" of our readers instead of writing to fill our needs (when we have the time)! No worries- your readers will be here so def. just write when you feel up to it ! You have so much going on right now its so understandable!

The new logo looks FANTASTIC!

Sweta said...

Hope you are done with the painting. Miss reading your blog posts!!
BTW,check my Mother's day post-there's an award for you :)

Anonymous said...

hey there~ how are you? Still busy with your new home? Missed you!
btw, I answered your ques on my blog!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your comment despite being so busy...I hope things have settled down by now?